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            You're fabulous at communicating effectively and you also delivered

the pills quick! I was amazed on how the pills looked (I was worried if I would be queasy taking them but after the first pill, it didn't bother me at all).  I still can't believe how good I've been feeling since I started taking pills. I'd strongly recommend this to the others!

I had a tough pregnancy and did not really

plan my birth well. I found you through Google,

and it was very easy to contact you as I immediately heard back from you.  

You were very quick and positive.  I liked your energy while we talked.   I also liked your honesty about your schedule and you put me at ease that you had a back up plan if you were out of town.  I knew I'd be in good hands one way or another.

With my 1st, I was really depressed for a long time. I did not feel like myself until my daughter was about 6 months old.  I did not want to get pregnant again.  Fast forward to my 2nd baby (5 years later!) I was worried, but heard a lot of good things about taking placenta pills so I looked into it. I figured I wouldn't have anything to lose if it didn't work.  But WOW! I immediately felt like myself right after I started taking pills. My husband saw the difference in me - we talked a lot about my experience with 1st and 2nd. He and I agreed that this is the best thing I did for myself and our family.  I was already moving around within the 1st week (I had episiotomy with both births but I definitely healed quicker this time around!) and didn't feel like I needed to sleep all the time. I had a lot of energy and was able to enjoy my son without negative thoughts/energy. My milk supply was / is great!  


my recovery was astonishingly quick!

The packaging and care that was put into my order really stands out.

 I felt so special!


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